Wendy Morgan is the owner and chief artist at Crane Creek Graphics where she began publishing her art in 1980. She was born and raised in Wyoming and continues to live there. Her style is characterized by minimalism and the use of negative space in her airbrush designs of birds and animals.

Henry Evans (1910-1990) was a self-taught painter, botanist, bookseller and artist. His botanical prints were drawn from life and hand printed from linoleum blocks. His work is found in many museums and continues to be enjoyed and collected. Henry’s work can also be seen at

Jocelyn Slack’s watercolors capture the fluid grace and beauty of her subjects: fish, frogs, birds and turtles. Crane Creek Graphics began publishing her work in 1989 after being enchanted by her pen and ink drawings, watercolors and glass etchings. Jocelyn enjoys the narrative quality of illustrations and strives for anatomical correctness. She lives in Wyoming with her family.

Marty Anderson attended art school, worked as a textbook illustrator and costume designer before becoming one of Crane Creek Graphic’s artists. She draws with pen and ink and paints butterflies, insects, mammals and birds with watercolors. Marty lives in Wyoming.

September Vhay paints full time from her Wyoming home. Her interest and admiration of native wildlife and horses inspires her graceful paintings of animals and birds. Raised in Nevada, September’s paintings feature the muted colors of the western desert and grasslands. Her oils and watercolors can be seen in galleries in Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico and on her website:

Henry Holdsworth’s training in biology and the environment is visible in his wildlife photographs. For more than 20 years his work has been seen nationwide in numerous publications. He lives in Jackson, Wyoming and exhibits his work in his gallery, Wild By Nature. Visit his website, to see more.

AD Maddox, native of Tennessee, studied sports medicine in college but soon learned that art inspired her life. Energetic and active, she is an avid fly fisher. AD’s bold style and vibrant colors reflect her personality and her passion for the beauty of trout and nature. She works with oils, acrylics, canvas, wood, metals and other materials. Her work is exhibited in galleries in Wyoming and Texas, and seen in many fly fishing magazines. Her website, features her latest news and artwork.

Richard Murray was born in Utah to a long-time ranching family. He grew up with a deep love of animals of all sorts. His artwork focuses on the animal, ignoring any background landscape. Working from photographs, Richard paints on a framed wood panel, up to six feet in width. The light and shadows of his animals dominate the painting and extend out over the frame. Richard lives in Oregon and exhibits his work in galleries and museums across the West.

Sari Staggs is known for her large-scale, colorful, and styalized watercolor paintings. At her Californiia home Sari keeps an organic garden and
raises the flowers that she paints. Her flower paintings are a major focus today as she continues to explore new subjects and expand her horizons.